Healthy Recipe #1 Sesame Miso Cone Rolls

RecipeI’ve been meaning to put up some recipe’s up for a while now because people ask me a lot about what I eat and I’m often stressing the importance of a healthy diet. Right now I’m 25+ days into eating only raw, vegan, organic foods. I’m not claiming to be a “raw foodist” just so happens to be what I’m on right now. This particular recipe represents that. It’s kind of funny, Zion I & I have a song on our new album called “I Used to Be a Vegan” where we speak on how our diets change throughout the years and trying to eat healthy, It’s a super new song but I’ve already changed my diet since I wrote it. Only proving further to myself  that I should never officially proclaim a title like vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, fruitarian etc. again.