The Grouch "Nothing Changes"

Released: Aug 17, 1996
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This album is hard. If you are a fan of the Grouch and buy his stuff but haven’t gotten this one, it’s just as good as the rest.

Track List:
  1. Language Barrier
  2. The March (Ft. Eligh)
  3. Grouch’s Prayer
  4. Civilizations Lost in Time (Ft. BFAP)
  5. Get it Right
  6. Plan in Effect (Ft. Tunes / Eligh)
  7. Think Twice
  8. Take Your Marks
  9. Land Ho (Ft. Luckyiam.PSC / 427)
  10. Rap is Senseless
  11. Torture
  12. Car Troubles pt. 2 (Ft. Shing02 / Kirby Dominant)
  13. Sands of Life
  14. The Enchanted (Ft. Luckyiam.PSC)